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Lessons from TREL Meeting #2 - Malmö University

I’m Lynell Chvala, a teacher educator and member of the TREL team from OsloMet. Last week, TREL met again - this time at Malmö University. The meeting opened with an overview of the unique features of the Swedish context and an impromptu discussion, guided by Professor Gunta Roziņa, on Nangimah & Walldén’s (2023) published work comparing research literacy development in Sweden and Indonesia. We were lucky to be able to discuss this work with Nangimah herself and extend the conversation beyond Scandinavia and the Baltics!

We also observed Dr. Anna Wärnsby instruct teacher education students on producing an annotated bibliography. Observations were followed by discussions of the challenges students may face in balancing teacher and researcher roles and the challenges instructors may face in making explicit the role of research literacy for future teachers. These are just some of the ideas we will address in the future TREL Handbook to support teacher educators. We also discussed our joint research efforts to map students’ self-efficacy, as a result of the observed teaching in our different contexts.

Collaborative, collective and reflective building of knowledge on teacher research literacy, soon available in handbook form. Next stop, Kaunas University of Technology in Lithuania!

Nangimah, M., & Walldén, R. (2023). How supervisors provide and students react to EAL thesis supervision: Voices from Sweden and Indonesia. Frontiers in Education, 8. doi:10.3389/feduc.2023.1118436


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