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We invite you to explore our website, access our resources, and become part of the TREL community. Whether you are new to research or an experienced practitioner, TREL is committed to supporting your professional growth and elevating the role of research in education.

What is TREL?

An increase in mandates and calls for research-based teacher education programs in national and pan-European policy documents (e.g., the Bologna Declaration) points to a growing awareness of the importance of teacher education producing teachers who have research skills and can engage in continuous research-augmented professional development. The 'Teacher Research Literacy (TREL): Comparative Trajectories in the Nordic-Baltic Region' project, which is part of the Nordplus Horizontal 2023 program, aims to develop a strategically established, collaborative network that explores research engagement in teacher education programs and provides insights into how in-service teachers can integrate research into their teaching. 

Want to know more about TREL? Head on over to More about TREL. You can also visit us on Facebook.


Project number: NPHZ-2023/10004

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